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SwitchSuper™ Relay Panel

SwitchSuper™ Relay Panel


SSRC’s SwitchSuper™ Relay Panel is a unique, DMXControlled relay device designed for permanent installations. Packed with features in a familiar enclosure, the device allows for the switching of up to eighty-four (84), individually controlled DMXaddressable relays, presenting itself as a perfect pairing with modern LED performance lighting fixtures and switched performance loads. The SwitchSuper’s robust electronics cards were designed from the ground up to endure the rigors of production environments.

SwitchSuper boasts the ability to accommodate mixed-amperage load switching controlled via industry-standard wired DMX512 protocol. All circuits are individually addressable and configurable, and the device comes factory pre-wired for quick and worryfree installation.

Pair the SwitchSuper and other Switch Products with our Standard Distribution Products for a complete venue power distribution solution.


Size: 38” x 60” x 5.75” (Varies depending on circuit count)

Weight: Varies

Interface: Dipswitch DMX addressing for each relay

Component:DIN Rail Mounted

Mounting: Installation mounting - wall mount


Standard Input: (1) termination of DMX512 Input.

Standard Throughput:DMX512 Throughput.

Optional Inputs: ACN Input - contact factory.

Contact Closure Input: All On, All Off.

Electrical & Thermal

Input: Main-Lug or Main Breaker Feed

Breakers: Standard Square D QOB Breakers

Output: Relays are rated for 30 Amps, 120 VAC. (6) Circuit min. (84) Circ. max. 120V 30A Relays

Wiring:(Factory Pre-Wired for quick installation - “Land Loads and Go” Field Wiring

Cooling: Convection Cooled

Operation: Designed For Continuous Operation Below 40ºC