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SwitchCycle™ Relay Panel

SwitchCycle™ Relay Panel


SSRC’s SwitchCycle™ is a fully customizable, DMX-controlled sequencing device designed for use with performance relay devices such as the SSRC SwitchStrip™, SwitchSuper™ and other 3rd-party devices where sequencing is required.

With the push of a single button, the SwitchCycle™ provides simple, preconfigured, power sequencing of audio, video, and other equipment to avoid potential damages to equipment caused by out of sequence or simultaneous powering of devices.

Available in either a standard 19” rack-mount or stand-alone version, SwitchCycle™ makes it easy power up and power down your racks and devices quickly and safely.

Electrical, Physical, and Control

Electrical: 100-240VAC 50/60hz, 5w Universal Power Supply

Physical: Standard 19”x7” rack mount engraved brushed aluminum faceplate.

Control: DMX512 Input (for recording, throughput,and configuration - not isolated.)