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Emergency Lighting Transfer Panel

Emergency Lighting Transfer Panel

Part Number:
Main Feed (3 Phase) ELTP-XX-3
Discrete Feed (Individual Circuits) ELTP-XX-1
XX = Number of Circuits


The emergency lighting transfer system switches power from normal to emergency source when a power outage is detected. The PLC provides an interface that monitors utility power input, has remote generator starting capabilities and can interface with most fire alarm systems.

Typical Application:

When a power loss occurs it is critical that emergency lighting systems turn on allowing people to make a safe exit from the building. The SSRC ELTP provides a cost effective UL Listed 1008 transfer switch option which reduces the need for separate emergency lighting systems.

Features And Benifits

  • Entire unit is UL 1008 Listed for use in Emergency Systems
  • 65,000 Amps short circuit current rating provides superior fault protection
  • Electrically operated, mechanically held contactors switch both line and neutral
  • Five second switch-time from normal power to standby power, ensures quick transfer is made and accommodates standby power sources startup
  • One minute switch-time from standby power to normal power ensures that the normal power source is stable
  • Allows selected existing dimmed house light circuits to also be used for emergency lighting, eliminating the need for dedicated emergency circuits and fixtures
  • Both discrete and main feed models available in multiple circuit configurations
  1. The Emergency Lighting Transfer Panel (ELTP) is designed to provide automatic transfer of branch circuits from normal to emergency power in the event of a normal power failure. The unit will transfer power back once normal power is restored.
  2. The unit shall satisfy all requirements of UL 1008 Automatic Transfer Switch for Emergency Systems, all applicable ANSI/NFPA Standards, All applicable NEC Standards.
  3. The enclosure shall be manufactured from 16, 14 or 12 gauge steel with light gray powder coat finish
  4. The hinged cover shall be locking and contain a keyed test switch with indicator lights.
  5. Indicators shall be Green LED is the Normal Power Indicator, Red LED is the Emergency Power Indicator.
  6. A Test Switch shall be provided for periodic testing.
  7. Enclosure shall be labeled with all necessary labeling to indicate that the entire system is UL 1008 listed for Emergency Systems.
  8. The ELTP shall have (Specify Quantity: 2 through 30) transferable circuits.
  9. Each circuit shall be rated at 120 VAC, 20 Amps.
  10. Emergency power to the system can be supplied by either single phase 120V, 20A emergency circuits (Discrete Version) 3 Phase 120/208 VAC, 277/480 VAC Emergency Power Source (Main version).
  11. Built in type J type fuses shall be provided for output circuit protection.
  12. The entire unit shall be rated with a minimum 65,000 Amps Short Circuit Rating (SCCR).
  13. Contactors shall be electronically switched and mechanically held.
  14. A programmable logic controller (PLC) shall monitor normal power supply for power loss, phase loss, reversal and under voltage.
  15. Circuits shall be transferred to emergency power if any normal power phase drops below 90 VAC (75%), any or all normal power phases drop out, a fire alarm signal is received from the fire alarm system.
  16. The system shall have a 5 second time delay from Normal to Emergency to allow for generator start up.
  17. The system shall have a 1 minute time delay from Emergency back to Normal to ensure the normal supply is stable.
  18. The control circuit with interfacing relays shall regulate the operation.
  19. The system shall be capable of remote activation from the fire alarm or other auxiliary interface circuits.
  20. The system shall have a contact closure to automatically start a generator in the event of a power disruption.
  21. The normal power sense feed shall be fed from an upstream breaker.
  22. Emergency Lighting Transfer switches shall be supplied by SSRC, of Duncan. SC.
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