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Work Light

Stage Work Light

Standard Feature

  • SSRC’s Stage Work Light Fixture is a versatile addition to any performance space in need of affordable work and rehearsal lighting.
  • SSRC’s work light has a die cast aluminum housing with a high temperature lens enclosing the lamp.
  • The fixture produces a wide uniform beam for general illumination of stage area. Optional features include wire lens guard and top and side visors.
  1. QL-505 fixture gray housing with high tem perature lens
  2. 36” pigtail with your choice of plug installed:
    • 2P&G stage pin plug
    • L520 twist lock plug
    • 520 parallel blade plug
  3. QL505-Halogen T-3, 500W, 120V lamp
  4. Mounting c-clamp
  5. Safety cable and safety cable eye bolt

Optional Features

  • Custom colors.
  • LED indicator lights.
  • Custom circuit identification.
  • DMX input/output.
  • Available in 16 gauge steel.

Ordering Product

  • 2PGFL
  • 2PGPT
  • L520R
  • L520PT
  • 520R
  • 520PT
  • 602PGFL
  • 602PGPT
  • 20 Amp. Stage pin receptacle
  • 20 Amp. Stage pin 18" pigtail
  • 20 Amp. Twist lock receptacle
  • 20 Amp. Twist lock 18" pigtail
  • 20 Amp. Parallel blade receptacle
  • 20 Amp. Parallel blade 18" pigtail
  • 60 Amp. Stage pin receptacle
  • 60 Amp. Stage pin 18" pigtail


Outlet box type

Circuit quantity

Outlet quantity (if different)

Outlet type

Sample: PM-4-2PGFL
Pipe Mounted Outlet Box with 4 - 20 amp circuits and 4 stage pin receptacles.

Please specify circuit numbering and above or below pipe mounting when ordering. Consult the factory for custom types and sizes.