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WP Series

Wall Pocket Outlet Box

Standard Feature

  • 16 gauge face plate with hinged door.
  • 16 gauge galvanized steel back box.
  • 1/2" white die-cut circuit identification.
  • Various 15, 20 and 60 Amp receptacles.
  • Black matte finish.
  • UL listed and labeled.
  1. This assembly shall consist of a 16 gauge, galvanized steel housing designed for recessed mounting in the wall. The unit shall be provided with a 16 gauge steel wall plate with hinged door.
  2. The box may have up to six 15, 20 and 60 Amp receptacles mounted on a 16 gauge steel receptacle plate.
  3. The box shall be completely pre-wired at the factory, with ground lugs installed.
  4. Finish shall be black matte.
  5. The face plate shall measure 10" high x 14" wide. The hinged door shall measure 10" wide x 4.75" high.
  6. The entire assembly shall be listed and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories.

Optional Features

  • Custom colors.
  • LED indicator lights.
  • Custom circuit identification.
  • Nonstandard connectors or receptacles.
  • DMX input/output.

Ordering Product

  • 2PGFL
  • L520R
  • 520R
  • 20 Amp. Stage pin receptacle
  • 20 Amp. Twist lock receptacle
  • 20 Amp. Parallel blade receptacle


Outlet box type

Circuit quantity

Outlet quantity (if different)

Outlet type

Sample: WP-3-3PGFL
Wall Mounted Outlet Box with 3 - 20 amp circuits

Please specify circuit numbering when ordering. Consult the factory for custom types and sizes.